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My new home

I'd like to give you a guided tour of my new home!

I'm delighted to say that today I have opened for business in my new clinic room in the Health Rooms at Jubilee Wharf, Penryn.

I'm looking forward to working here as not only is it a great venue (with awesome views!), but I love the ethos of the building.

Jubilee Wharf is made up of the Health Rooms (where I am based), Zed Shed, workshops, a children's nursery, and importantly, a cafe for coffee and cake! It has won awards for it's eco-development and design including super insulation, using local and recycled materials and generating energy through the famous wind turbines above our rooms and the Zed Shed amongst other sustainable and eco ideas.

The Zed Shed is down the corridor from me and is a fab, light, airy studio which is used for yoga classes primarily.

I'm grateful to Frances from Meridian Health who is allowing me to use her room for part of the week. There is a good, small community of practitioners here.

Whilst I hope that you all stay fit and healthy, in the nicest possible way I hope to see some of you here soon so that you too can enjoy this space! Remember, that you don't have to have an injury to come to see me, we can discuss ways to reduce the risk of injury or design 'prehabilitation' exercise programmes to enhance how you move and optimise your performance!

Until next time, take care and remember, 'exercise is medicine'!

Becky :)

The view from outside!

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